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Your tailored dream cruise in The Caribbean

With BlueAround Yacht Charters, your boats booking agency in The Caribbean, make your cruising dream come true!

We are pleased to welcome you and to arrange for you and with you your tailored private cruise in The Caribbean!

Caribbean tailor-made cruise

With BlueAround Yacht Charters, go and explore,with complete peace of mind, the idyllic Caribbean islands surrounded by translucent turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea and its underwater treasures!

A high quality service...

Caribbean Private Cruise

Because we are demanding specialists and because we live in the Caribbean, we are able to choose for you the best boats and crews that will make your cruise an unforgettable souvenir: aboard a sailboat driven by winds or aboard a powerboat for the pleasure of speed, it is the feeling of freedom and dream that you will share with the ones you love!

At BlueAround Yacht Charters, there is no automated booking. All your requests are taken and checked by our team and not by a computer system. We guarantee the quality of our support services for you to get the boat and the options that meet with your requests! Our ultimate goal: to make your cruise a success!

For a high quality cruise...

  • We provide you with our fully equipped, clean and professionally maintained catamarans, monohulls and power boats.

  • If you wish, you can have a crew onboard - a captain and/or hostess and/or cook - who would fully handle all daily life tasks. You can relax and spend all your time with your loved ones.

  • It is quite possible to rent one of our boats without skipper. You just need to provide guarantees of your boat experience.

  • You can sail according to your wishes or according to a traditional route that we present or to a fully customized itinerary that reflects your tastes and hobbies.

  • It is also possible to embark on an island and disembark on another one at the end of your cruise.

With BlueAround Yacht Charters, you have a dedicated team to advise, inform and offer you tailored solutions that meet your requirements. You will embark on a boat that suits you, with all the options and services needed, and enjoy a wonderful cruise.

Taking into account all your desires...

We are pleased to answer your questions or book your boat: Contact us!
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