Saint Martin (SXM)

With BlueAround Yacht Charters, discover The Caribbean in complete peace of mind!

Our service, fully quality oriented, can be described around 5 key words: Safety: We require that all our partners are entitled to rent boats and we check their thoroughness, professionalism and seriousness before adding their boats in our website. Reliability: We want to ensure that the site is by no means automatic: all information is completed, validated and updated by us. Listening: As true advisor, we personally and effectively treat with any request from you, with the constant desire to provide you with the best responses, ie, those that best suit your needs or wishes. Efficiency: We compare for you yachts charter based on their location, type of craft or services, we check their availability and give you any data you need for the success of your cruise. Guarantee: Our service does not end with your booking confirmation and we'll follow you until your cruise return to make sure everything was in line with your queries.

We offer you our fleet of powerboats and sailboats for a dream cruise in The Caribbean starting from St Martin...

Powerboats and Sailboats Day Charter

  • Speed lovers
  • Sensations and adrenaline
  • Sports trip
  • Visit of several islands in the same day
See our models...
  • carre-das-2
  • carre-das-3
  • carre-das-4
  • carre-das-6
  • anthea
  • anthea-2
  • anthea-3
  • anthea-7
  • anthea-8
  • ti-mattlo
  • ti-mattlo-2
  • ti-mattlo-3
  • ti-mattlo-5
  • shooting-star-1
  • shooting-star-3
  • shooting-star-4
  • shooting-star-7
  • shooting-star-8
  • purple-1
  • purple-2

Catamarans Week Charter

  • 45-rc-leopard-petite-profligate-2
  • lagoon-44-6
  • lagoon-44-7
  • lagoon-44-8
  • lagoon-440-2
  • lagoon-440-6
  • lagoon-440-7
  • lagoon-440-8
  • lagoon-41-9
  • 40-lavezzi-piana-1
  • lagoon 38
  • lagoon-38-2006-7
  • lagoon-38-2006-8
  • 38-1160-seawind-lady-bea-3
  • Sailing lovers
  • Comfort and idleness
  • Simple and relaxing
  • Heavenly dream cruise

Monohulls week charter

  • Sailing lovers
  • Deep-sea fishing
  • Feeling of freedom
  • Heavenly dream cruise
  • 52-beneteau-vandalay-8
  • 50-beneteau-mistral-8
  • 50-beneteau-mistral-7
  • 50-beneteau-jacomina-h-6
  • 50-beneteau-jacomina-h-7
  • 50-beneteau-jacomina-h-8
  • 47-beneteau-caca-fuego-5
  • 46-beneteau-algeria-del-mar-11
  • 46-beneteau-algeria-del-mar-13
  • 46-beneteau-algeria-del-mar-5
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